Thursday, October 06, 2011

All I Want

So, my first solo single as The Rijjet Rogets was recently released by Mean Rock Stars.  (Thanks for the support.)

I went on iTunes and saw  that the single is titled "F135h".  Well, that's wrong.  But, what are you going to do.  You can't argue with Apple.  Then I looked at the cover on iTunes.  And while it may not be clear, the title on the single cover is "FL35H".  So, the cover has the correct title. 

I did some more research on the web and I see the title listed every where as "F135H" or "F135h".  No where is listed as "FL35H".  If there is picture of the cover then cover picture has "FL35H", but that is it.

I went and asked Mean Rock Stars, "how can this be?"  And the answer is simple.  Intern-Error. 

Mean Rock Stars lures these young students into the exciting world of music and pays them nothing.  NOTHING.  So, if its two in the morning and the kid types in a song title wrong there really is nothing that you can do.

So, I guess my single will now be "F135H" instead of "Fl35H".  I apologize for the confusion.

-- Larry is Bass.