Friday, July 23, 2010

Get Back

So, it all kind of started with a dream that Larry had. The dream was that he was at a coffee shop and that sitting next to him was Zooey Deschanel and Trent Reznor. Larry had no idea what they were talking about. He hoped that it would result in a "She & NIN" collaboration.

And that is how we started our recording sessions.

If you had heard some of the new stuff at one of our recent gigs then you knew that this album would be a little different. This is Larry's first album with us and he had definitely had an impact on our sound.


I am proud to announce that our new album is available for download over at our Band Camp site:

This digital EP is available for "name your price". (It can be free if you want it to be.) will be the exclusive distribution of this work for a month or so. After that time, the album will available on iTunes, Amazon, etc.

"R1JJ37 R06375" is pronounced "Rijjet Rogets". The name is inspired by an action adventure toy doll that Chopper's brother had. The toy had a string on the back and when you pulled the string it would say things like "Roger that". Well, overtime the toy became damaged from being outside in weather. By the time Chop-Chop got to it, the toy would only say, "Rijjet Roger" and "Roger Rijjet" when the string was pulled.