Sunday, January 31, 2010

Starting With Titles...

So, here are the titles of the compositions. They may or may not all be "songs", but the goal is that each of them will be recordings.

Right Next Door To Heck
Dust And Bones (And Bones And A Steak Sandwich)
Do Not Cry
Perfect Crime
You Are Not The First
Good Obsession
Back Off Young Lass
Double Talking Jive
December Rain
The Garden
Garden Of Eden
Do Not Forsake Me
Bad Apples
Dead Horse
Civil War
Fourteen Leers
Get Out Of The Ring
Shotgun Blues
Pretty Tied Up
So Fine, So What
You Could Be Mine
My World Pretend

Starting tomorrow, I will start writing "music".

We hope to be able to take four vacation days this month to work on this... plus nights.

The album art is mostly done.

Is that excitement or am I hungry? Cabo Joe

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Finish Line Stuff

So, last year I was so worried about getting the CD done and sending it in that I missed the posts on "finish line" stuff. Is there somewhere that list everything that would do beyond get the disc mailed in? As I recall last year we were suppose to take a pic with our CD and a pic of us mailing the CD. I think that's it. Let me know if there more, will ya? I rather schedule time for that crap now rather than try to figure it out at the last minute (as we are trying to create "filler" music to complete the challenge).
- cab