Sunday, January 04, 2009

The Panic of January

My goal/intention is to write and record everything in February. With that in mind, what do I do in January?

I'm a bit terrified to pick up an instrument this month because I don't want to start an idea that I can't use for February.

So, what is acceptable to do during January?

Here's my list of what I'm allowing myself to do:
1. Work on album art. Who has time during February?
2. List Song Title - Possibly a paragraph of what the title means... but absolutely no lyrics or poems.
3. Invest in new equipment.
4. Re-set-up my home recording environment.
5. Work on title's for the collection.
6. Pester friends to either help me with my album or to create their own.
7. Maybe finish the Xmas album that never quite got finished.

That's not a whole lot to do. What is everyone else doing?


We're the only listed participant for 2009? Is this an error or am I really the first? I can't wait for February!