Monday, July 07, 2008

Peace, Prosperity and Perpetual Proclivity to Propitious Pestilence

Current mood: Warm

I feel an over whelming sense of bliss. It is I at the center of the hurricane and I who holds the keys. I wish that I have all that I want and image that all of this is real and I release this energy into the storm that is brewing and this is how it will come to be.

Are you following me?

We are standing alone at the top of the amazing, emasculating view and there is no need to impress. We are infinite in our presence and minuscule in our understanding. We are today. We are tomorrow. We everything that we have ever been and everything that we will ever be. We are we. We are a tree. We are an evergreen. And time is now.

Rock music rolls on by. And the legends to continue to be.

Rock off.

Currently listening:
Olive Few
By Cabo Joe & Chop-Chop
Release date: 2008-05-15

Sunday, July 06, 2008

What's New

What is new. What is old. What is.

We've been working on two different records simultaneously. They each have very different starting points, so I will be very surprised if they end of sounding very much alike. But, it is possible. Every thing is possible. We want them to be very different album. They will probably finish our album maker year. They will close the chapter on this current saga of what is a band. Once they are done then we plan on taking a break and have sometimes as individuals. We don't know what that means, but we think that it is important.

We will certainly regroup in time for our second go at the RPM Challenge in February 2009. That was great motivator for us. We are looking forward to doing that again.

You should've picked up Olive Few by now. We noticed the other day that Amazon has our physical CDs and now... MP3s for both of albums. We like Amazon because it's a one-stop for our book and CDs. Our music is also available on, iTunes, and dozens of other places on the web.

We released a video for a song on Olive Few. "This time" can be found over at youtube... or right here:

We've updated our the official cabo joe and chop-chop myspace page.

What else?

I think that is about it. It's getting warmer. And my disposition is too cheery to pessimistic at this time. I love the winter. But the summer loves me.

Peace, Prosperity and Perpetual Proclivity to Propitious Pestilence

cabo joe