Sunday, July 15, 2007

Should I Let Choppers back in the band?

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With the thundering sarcasm raining down on this, MY Flag Day, I wander across a silent river filled with dreams and memories of the lost, the needy, and the soulless. There is a tranquility about this place. It warms me with shouts of panic and tinkles me with it's divorce from reality.

Who's house? C-Jo's house. You know what I'm saying. Everything is related. And everything is up for grabs.

Chop-Chop is out-of-control. The atrocities that he conjured up with his music and the people he has displaced with his lack of decency are too great for me to detail.

But, we are no Outkast. If it's to be Cabo Joe and Chop-Chop then it must be Cabo Joe and Chop-Chop. We must be one. So, I will let my good friend back in the band. This instance shall never be mentioned again. I will deny it.

For the record, it was never to be C-Jo and Hip-Hop. It was to be C-Jo (solo).

- Cabo Joe

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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Should I break-up the band?

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So, I've finished the last slice of sobriety with ill-fated humor. But, alas, it is all (as of yet) to no prevail. I am not that. And you will never be.

With clever hand of the Rancher's cat, I sleek through the city streets. I get madder never richer. I wonder if this is the "gray" that will befall all of us.

This has begun to interfere with the business at hand. Cabo Joe (aka C-JO) is contemplating a solo career as a Hip Hop artist unless I seek help. Who would listen to a band called C-Jo & Hip-Hop? It just doesn't have the same ring as Cabo Joe and Chop-Chop.

So, I am recommitting my self to the music, to the revolution. The band will survive. For all that is roaches, it has to.

At the studio the other day, a young lad using the moniker "Jethro and The Under Carriage" was laying down some tracks for a demo. His music was quite charming. Not necessarily as important as our future hits. But, none the more, I will keep you informed if I learn more his album.

This Jethro character explained to me about how the world is going crazy because society has broken people down to calling each other "bro". I have no idea what it meant. I just wanted to borrow some guitar picks.

So, I will no pour a 40 of my indifference on the ground and move on. I think we will be back in the studio next week. This will be the year of Cabo Joe and Chop-Chop. But, you can still call it 2007.

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