Sunday, June 24, 2007

17 is less than 18

Current mood: uncomfortable

I know what you are thinking... well, I don't actually know what you are thinking. I believe that I have a good idea what you are thinking. Actually, I believe a lot of things that I hope others may one day believe. But none of this is here or there. It is right over there. Behind the Deli on the third floor above the beauty salon. Why don't they call that bar next door a beauty saloon? I think that would help a great deal with people's self esteem. And I care. It's not my job; it's more of a hobby. It's something to do whenever I'm not using sarcasm to drain the life out my neighbor's parents. I guess I should stop that. We should be better people. Or we should tell people that we are better people. That would probably make them feel better, too. That warms my heart... or, at least, the heart of my neighbor's parents. Maybe, they'll let us sleep in their basement again. I think I've given as much as I can to this relationship. If they can't appreciate their daughter's neighbor then how can they appreciate our music. And isn't this music the soundtrack to summer of love (twenty years removed) or the enlightenment for entitled children who bungee jump. What does bungee have to do with 18? And When is our album going to be finished.

Currently listening:
Songs from the Street: 35 Years of Music
By Sesame Street
Release date: 02 September, 2003