Monday, September 18, 2006

New Song: I am The Lobster

The winds and dust have stirred into quite the flurry of destructive activity. We've moved from Gil The Grab to his archenemy, D the Lobster. Sonically this new Caribbean lullaby is less than pleasing but I feel in fulfills a sense of curiosity if not Wonderment. Give it a listen.

The infamous Cake cover song, "Alpha Beta Parking Lot" has been removed to make room for this NEXT thing.

Enjoy at will. Keep the tides of change at bay while the movie picture replays effortlessly in the daydreams that his the nightmare of four-year old poodle named Buffy.

Yes. Again.

Cabo-Joe & Chop-Chop

Saturday, September 09, 2006

New Song On Widget Player

We, never known for idle chatter nor for being livelier the an eighteenth century cactus withering in the heat of some tropical island, have been added to some sort of music player thing. This alleged song has been appropriated for use by Gil "I Pinch" Crab from the television advertisements propagated by Honda. The heavy metal ballad, "Save Save The Crab" has been gracefully instituted as one of the tracks in a sonic player widget for whimsical melody and degrading self-loathing that the enlightened are suppose to affix to a world wide web location or bulletin/log page.

When our dreaded engineering friend of fantasy and freshness returns from the musty shores of Norway in no less than eight days time, we will witness if he cannot install such a thing on this place of our current residing.

Do not believe for a second that we are not overjoyed by the exposure. We are who have always been and continue to be some form of that former self, regardless of where the bee is currently seeking its nectar.

Art is an interesting fixation if and when it is not something that is contrary to one's thinking or to one's not-yet-realized reality. This crab was our muse and we feel that this muse must be pleased by our creation.

This crustacean is what it dreams. And we are.

Widget Player:

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

New Song: Save Save The Crab

Inspiration is an itch that must be coddled. I found this by seeking the undeniable truth. A crab is my muse. I imagine what it must be like to be going through what he going through and I do not know where to turn. Rock the mic. or stay and chat. Raise your voice or hide in frustration.

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