Saturday, July 22, 2006

What ever happens in...

Have you ever noticed that something that you think is a truth is, in fact, a truth? That the underlying lie that is humanity's sickest joke is rather sly (if not ambivalent). Forget the blight that is sunny South Dakota and sell your shares of falseness while the king of some urban jungle quietly sings laughable lullabies to the children of the New Media.

Why is the last sentence of the first thought the one that can give rise to a revolution? Is this what we have all been waiting for? Is this the collective thought of the mediocre? Is this the mascara of the reddish bluish apple?

I can't even begin to remember when now became then and I became that. So, what ever happens, may have actually happen.

Cabo Joe

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Good Times

So if you stop and think about all of this... what is there left, really, to think about? We need to pace ourselves and pace often. Up the hallway and down the hallway. We need burn a path in the carpet and we contemplate the feeling that comes from at once being and for once without trying. There is laughter in the hallway that can only be described as awkward.

Moving to the window I can feel the warmth of the new day as this one disappears and dispenses its final lies upon the awake. I don't know if you can recall the point in time when bread began to taste so sweet.

Good times.